Choose the best shampoo for your hair

Find out what your hair type before. The hotline is questioned by experienced hairdressers. Or observation of the dry hair after shampooing dries in 30 minutes if you have fine hair. If dry within an hour You have a large If you take more than you need the.

Use a mild hair shampoo. Blistering or increase (VOLUMIZING-SHAMPOO) is softer and lighter hair. Make hair soft and hove Will make it look thicker Avoid shampoos that make hair flat or shampoo. (Adds weight), because it makes me even more flat.

Naturally curly and thick hair Most hair will look dry To add shine Try to add moisture to the hair (MOISTURE) by using a shampoo with conditioner. Or shampoos that contain ingredients nourish intensive (TREATMENT) should be added to the hair once a week. To nourish hair products (HAIR-TREATMENT)

Scalp If it is weak or sensitive scalp irritations may choose a shampoo that does not contain shampoo, conditioner or shampoo and water. And an up to 3 minutes if dry scalp, try a shampoo containing conditioner. Or shampoo to moisturize the scalp.